Address: Dubravica 21
Zip Code : 10090
City: Zagreb
Email: mirta.jusic@mirtaprodukcija.hr
Website: www.croatianlocations.hr
Contact name: Mirta Jušić Dovođa
Phone: +385 91 594 8824
Cell: +385 91 594 8824
Activites: Co-Production,Full production service,Production,Service Company
Past Projects : – National Geographic: Europe From Above TV series, season 3, episode about Croatia;
– National Geographic and Samsung: docu-style featurette for NX1 camera shot on locations throughtou Croatia;
– Discovery Channel & RAW Productions: two episodes for the Unexplained Files documentary TV series;
– Discovery Science Channel & Like a Shot Entertainment: Abandoned Engineering TV series, the episode about the abandoned underground military airport Željava on the border of Croatia an Bosnia;
– ITV and HBO, with Oxford Film and Television: (Princess) Diana, our Mother, her Life and Legacy – a feature-length documentary where prices William and Harry open up about their mother and her charity and humanitarian work;
– TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting Service, the Japanese national television) – so far we did five documentaries with them;
– Channel 7 (one of the major national channels in Australia) – three documentary projects so far
– Channel 9 (another major national channel in Australia) – one documentary;
– Bertelsmann Foundation (RTL’s non-profit foundation for non-commercial, in-depth journalistic research and analysis) – a large investigative project on the current situation in Croatia and Bosnia
– House Hunters International, the American reality TV series: the Zagreb episode
– MIRTA PRODUCTIONS have been working regularly for the last five years with RTL TV on corporate videos, filming with them or on their behalf, and editing for them
– we took part in the world-wide corporate video project for DHL – we serviced their production in Zagreb
– Arte (France and Germany) – I serviced the Croatian, Slovenian and Serbian segments and interviews for the French historical documentary TV series Combattantes de’l Ombre (Shadow Fighters) about members of Resistance in the Second World War;Before establishing MIRTA PRODUCTIONS, I have personally been working as Local Producer, Field Producer, Location Manager and Location Scout with BBC on many different documentary films and parts of documentary TV series since 1990;
Other clients:
– German and Austrian ZDF, German RTL, Portuguese RTP, KRO from the Netherlands, and many other national TV channels (Belgium, Sweden…) and production companies from various European countries, US and Canada.
– During the war: I’ve worked as a Local Producer with international TV agencies like WTN, Visnews, ITN and others on almost all battlefields in Croatia and Bosnia.
Before the war I spent the first six years of my journalistic career as a full-time editor on the Radio 101 FM, the third independent radio in whole Yugoslavia, freelancing at the same time for magazines like Danas and Start and as correspondent for the magazine Telex from Slovenia.
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