Mirta Jušić Dovođa

Name: Mirta
Surname: Jušić Dovođa
Address: Dubravica 21
Zip Code : 10090
City: Zagreb
Email: mirta.jusic@mirtaprodukcija.hr
Cell: +385 91 594 8824
Phone: +385 91 594 8824
Activites: Line Producer,Location Manager,Location Scout,Producer
Past Projects / IMDB credits/ Links: For recent projects please see the profile of my production and location services company MIRTA PRODUCTIONS LLC here on this web site!

Also see the Making Of section on www.croatianlocations.hr for some behind the scenes photos of our favourite projects.
If you can understand Croatian, have a look at www.mirtaprodukcija.hr, our site for the local market.

For an overview of my career as a Line Producer / Fixer for foreign productions in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, have a look at


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