Mia Pećina Drašković

Mia was born in Zagreb in 1976 and graduated Marketing and Management from Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago. She fell in love with production at a very young age of 17, while working part-time on Croatian National TV. During her career she co-founded Croatian-American TV in Chicago; worked for some of the biggest independent film studios in Los Angeles; largest PR agency in Croatia, Premisa; she founded Libertas film festival in Dubrovnik and co-founded Fantastic Zagreb film festival; she was a co-founder of Weekend Media Festival in Rovinj, and executive director of IdejaX/Dani komunikacija.

For her production work on feature documentary film ‘Game of Honor’ with Peter Radovich for American CBS/Showtime she won three Emmy Awards! She also worked as a part of the production team for NBC, for various Olympic Games, and for the one in Sochi she won her fourth Emmy Award. She is very much looking forward to working in the Film Office as she believes Zagreb has a big potential for future TV and film projects.


GSM: +385 91 4557 072

tel: +385 1 4550 489
e-mail: mia@filmzagreb.hr

Tea Akrap – Project Manager

After graduating Journalism from Zagreb University, Tea started her career in PR and project management. During the last 15 years she founded and worked for numerous cultural and sports events, including film festivals. Tea is very passionate about exploring the world. Especially the film world.


GSM: +385 91 4557 073

tel: +385 1 4550 489
e-mail: tea@filmzagreb.hr

Jakov Matija Kapetanović - Project Coordinator

I’ve been a part of the film industry since I was 4 years old 😊 Following my Grandfather, an Oscar nominee, and my Father around the sets, I fell in love with the production side of the film. My first jobs were in theater productions and TV projects, then I ventured on the film set again.

I worked my way up from a driver, production assistant, location assistant, unit manager to location manager. In the past six years I’ve been a part of more then 25 co-productions through out Croatia.


GSM: +385 91 4557 074

tel: +385 1 4550 489
e-mail: jakov@filmzagreb.hr