Zagreb is an easy access-city for productions, permits for public space shootings can usually be obtained within 3-5 days, but better safe than sorry! Read more about the specific rules below.

Filming Permits are issued by city offices and other competent authorities. There is no central body responsible for issuing filming permits. The application and issuing procedures, time required and fees levied vary from location to location.  Applications for permits must contain exact information about who wants to shoot what, where and when. Filming on private property requires a permit issued by the owners of that property. The cost of a permit for shootings at private spaces varies according to the location, as well as the nature and size of the production. Generally, the cost level is very reasonable compared with other European capitals.

Zagreb Film Office does not issue filming permits. It can, however, provide information relating to the various authorities that do. Zagreb Film Office can also write a letter of recomodation to the competent departments and local authorities relating to the filming. We recommend to all international productions to work with a local location manager and a production company. It is obviously an advantage to have local knowledge about the required permits for carrying out any kind of production, however big or small. This guarantees that the production will finish on schedule and on budget. Working with a location manager it rarely takes more than three to five business days to obtain a shooting permit in Zagreb.

Zagreb Film Office is on call to guide you through the necessary permits and provide information about what people and city offices to contact. Give us a call +385 1 5561 497.