There are so many things to do in Zagreb for locals and tourists. Due to being the capital city, and the largest business, political and student centre in Croatia, there is always something going on in Zagreb. Unlike its coastal counterparts, Zagreb lives all year around. Zagreb is vibrant. It is flat and thus perfect to walk or cycle. Zagreb is relatively small compared to other European capitals. And, it has lots of parks and even forests within the city limits.

LoveZagreb – Here the stories are more personal, the food is tastier, the music is louder and the city is more magical. You can find out at first hand where to find great coffee, where to find jazz, where to find a proper flea market, where the best beer is… You won’t find the secrets revealed in LoveZagreb in ordinary tourist guides. This is where those who write about Zagreb and those who read about Zagreb meet; those who are in love with Zagreb and those who are just about to fall in love. The blog is contributed to by the visitors themselves who send their photos of the city of Zagreb.

photo by: J. Duval, archive: Zagreb Tourist Board